Thursday, November 29, 2007

EPIP Emerges in the Heartland

I am happy to report that emerging philanthropic leaders are organizing powerful new Emerging Practitioners networks in communities across Middle America. This is a critical part of our work to bring our unique brand of leadership development to the Southeast and the Midwest, communities sadly overlooked by many national philanthropy organizations.

During Oct-Nov, Minnesota and Indiana chapters were officially recognized by the national EPIP organization. The leaders of these groups did initial partnership-building, organizing and programming for more than a year before applying to become official EPIP chapters.

More recently, a group of our members in Michigan began working with EPIP and the Michigan Council of Foundations - one of the premiere Regional Associations of Grantmakers in the nation - to lay the groundwork for an EPIP Michigan network.

And the EPIP buzz in Michigan has already begun.

Today an article about the group was published on "MI Life MI Times", a new website offering "a fresh discourse on life in Michigan for and by the young, creative people living in this state."

The site proclaims that "within Michigan’s philanthropic sector lies a group of new, young professionals hard at work. Their goal: to address the increasing need for a next generation of leadership."

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