Monday, February 04, 2008

Good Advice for Breaking into Foundation Work?

What meaningful (and not totally pessemistic) advice ought one offer to young professionals seeking foundation grantmaking work?

I encourage Epiphanies followers to read Your Invitations in the Mail! and post responses!

I am referring to the latest post at the New Voices Of Philanthropy blog. Guest writer and sometime EPIP participant Allyson Reaves (already an accomplished alum of the CUNY Philanthropy Fellowship) offers a hilarious - but seriously important - perspective on the challenges of carving out career paths in philanthropy.

P.S. I know for sure that I wasn't the "Mr. Advancemeplease" to whom Allyson refers!


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Philanthroshipping in Torino said...

Hey!!! Glad you got to glance over the post, man! Here's to hoping we can generate energetic dialogue about creative approaches to careers in philanthropy. We're really fortunate that's this is not a cut and dry industry where advancements are ordinary....we have so many opportunities open to us. We can cross over to a different concentration (social justice, education, community development, arts & culture), work for a different foundation (corporate, national, community), and we can work at different levels (programming, research, the finance and investment side). once we get involved, there's no limit to the possibilities!!! chat soon and ciao! AR