Monday, July 30, 2007

Philanthropy's Next Gen Reach Toward the Summit

Greetings once again from EPIP headquarters. I have exciting news!

EPIP and our colleague colleague orgs, Resource Generation and 21/64 , are taking a lead to ensure there is excellent programming and outreach geared toward emerging and next gen leaders at the "Philanthropy Summit" (May 4-7, 2008 in the Washington, DC area).

The Summit will be a "mega-conference" that will, for the year 2008, replace the Council on Foundations traditional three meetings [the family foundation, community foundation, and annual conferences].

Our groups are working in coalition with the Summit-planners to design pre-conference activities, concurrent sessions, and side programs that meet the needs of emerging leaders, and raise the important (inter-) generational issues of the day in the broader conference discussion.

This is exciting news for emerging practitioners, and for the field. As the workforce and leadership implications of generational change have slowly dawned on the nonprofit and philanthropy establishment in the last year (slowly becoming urgent), our networks -- established by Gen X and the Millennials philanthropic practitioners over the last 5-10 years -- are now well positioned to partner in such efforts.

You will be hearing from us over the coming year with more information as the next gen reaches toward the summit -- the Philanthropy 2008 Summit, that is.


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