Wednesday, May 19, 2004

There are a couple new philanthropy-oriented blogs out there along with yours truly. It turns out that EPIP is one of the philanthropy blog pioneers!

Philanthropoid: Give and Take
"Ruminations on philanthropy, charity, generosity---the business of doing good."

Philanthropy 2225 (published by Research, analysis and provocation on future directions for philanthropy, from Lucy Bernholz of Blueprint Research & Design, Inc. a Bay Area-based consulting firm serving philanthropic foundations.


Anonymous said...

Since January I have been running a site dedicated to current news on the nonprofit world. You'll find it at We strive to find the variety of news on nonprofits, and to organize it in some useful categories:

accountabilitygrantsleadershipopinionsprofiles(I think it is offering what Nonprofit Online News once promised.) It is updated most business days. Both and will work.

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Anonymous said...

The preview doesn't give a very good sense of how the links will be posted. Here's another try: