Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Today I am working on a workshop that EPIP will be presenting with GrantCraft, a project of the Ford Foundation ( during the Council on Foundations annual meeting in April 04.

The workshop is dubbed "The Power To Be Authentic: Leadership Development at Work in Foundations." Emerson Beyer, who works at GrantCraft, and I have been planning the session to be highly experiential, using a case study and role play amongst participants. If you are an EPIP member and plan to attend the Toronto conference, let me know -- we will need some volunteers! Here's the workshop description:

The Power To Be Authentic: Leadership Development at Work in Foundations
How do emerging philanthropic leaders experience foundations and grantmaking? How do established leaders respond to their needs? This workshop, presented by the GrantCraft (a project of the Ford Foundation) and Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy, will bring together senior foundation leaders, program staff and emerging practitioners to explore the challenges of taking up their roles. This session will help participants, who are often caught in the middle of competing demands, to be as authentic as possible (or simply live with themselves) in negotiating the dynamics of life in their organizations. Participants will get to discuss these issues with one another, and be introduced to concrete tools for making use of their experiences and drawing lessons that they can share.


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